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Supporting Swimmers

to experience

competitive swimming

since 1984


About the League



The League was established in 1984 with 4 teams competing in a round robin league. After 4 rounds the winner was declared.

The league was referred to as the Ross on Wye Junior League and in later years more teams joined the league with 12 being the regular new number of clubs that competed in more recent years. At this point a Final was created.

Clubs and swimmers have a lot to thank Trixie Pulsford for, Trixie has co-ordinated the league since it's creation in 1984. It is a fab competition that supports new and improving swimmers to give them an opportunity of safe and friendly competition.

The league was known as the PGL Junior League following a number of years being sponsored by PGL Travel Ltd.

In 2022 the competition, having had 2 years without a Final, the league was handed over to new co-ordinators following Trixie's decision to step down. 


The competition operates with events having maximum times (speeding tickets) to ensure A grade swimmers (eg. swimmers with regional times) are unable to compete.

See the League Programme for the Order of Events and Speeding Times.

For the 2023 competition, we are very excited to have secured new sponsorship from SwimGainz who have agreed to support the league moving forward. We are very grateful for the sponsorship provided by SwimGainz as it will help the league continue providing competition for developing swimmers across the regions. 




  • Teams will compete in four rounds of swimming galas..

  • Each team will host at least one gala in one of the rounds.

  • Points are awarded to each team after each round.

  • Teams score 4 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, 2 points for 3rd and 1 point for 4th. Three team galas use 4, 3, 2.

  • The top 8 teams will be invited to compete in the Swimgainz A Final. The next 8 teams will compete in the Swimgainz B Final.

  • Accumulative gala points for each team will also be recorded and will be used if teams have the same number of gala points to determine league positions.

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